Bug fix – Fix a bug where screenshots with long file names would not save.


Bug fix – Fix an issue where the main URL loop would fail to close a browser instance correctly.

External login support – Add support for login routes that are third party.


Gatsby – Fix a few issues with automatically identifying Gatsby application routes.

Local file system operations – Fixes a local file system issue that could occur after connecting a project, and general improvements to performance.

“connect” command – Improvements to the user experience when connecting a new project with the “connect” command.

Style guide buttons – Fix an issue with the style guide displaying an incorrect button summary.


Bug fix – Fix a bug which prevented Emtrey from executing in CI environments.



Analytics – Adds analytics for error reporting and other key moments during the automation process to obtain insights into user issues.


Bug fix – Fix a bug where Emtrey could not determine the git branch, and would exit.



Bug fix – Fix a bug when the style guide builder would process buttons.



Next.js is now supported – We are big fans of this framework and are proud to support it.

Bug fixing – A few bugs around route detection and login have been fixed.

Dependencies – Minor updates to Emtrey’s dependencies should mean a faster install. 


Small fixes – When reviewing page changes “side-by-side” is now the default view. Fixed showing duplicate run-throughs on the project review page and added highlighting to the history page.


NEW! View archived projects – Users can now view all archived projects on the homepage.

NEW! Display typography in style guide – The Emtrey CLI now captures your web typography (ie Heading 1, paragraph, Link, etc) and displays them on the style page.

Only allow owners/admins to manage users – Continuing to give owners and admins new capabilities, now they alone can add and remove users from projects, and edit users permissions.


Changed breakpoint controls to tabs – On the page detail view, we have replaced the breakpoint dropdown menu with always-visible tabs, making it easier to jump to the desired version of a page.

Fix left/right arrows on page detail – We found that the left and right navigation arrows in the page detail view weren’t working properly in all cases. These arrows allow you to move between different breakpoints easily. 

Only allow owners/admins to archive a project – We have begun to layer in role-based rules for features. With v0.13, only an admin or owner of a project may archive it. 


Small fixes – Fixed a rare instance where users without a last name caused a crash and improved displaying the time a comment was made

Add more documentation – We continue to update our documentation. We added articles detailing how to approve, comment and reject page captures.


NEW! Project landing page – Now, a user can quickly view a high level summary of a project. This includes the most recent run through with accompanying stats, list of project users and a history of run throughs.

Small fixes and improved UI  – Improved ease of connecting to CICD and made it more obvious on how to create a first project in Emtrey.

Additional developer docs – Added an article explaining how to set up a configuration file to enhance Emtrey CLI tool, as well as, how to add credentials to the config so Emtrey is able to authenticate a user within your web app.


NEW! Archive a project – Clean up that cluttered projects page! If a project is no longer needed, it can be archived from the project settings view.

Display the hex code for colors  – Previously, the RGB code was displayed for colors found by the Emtrey CLI. Now, the hex code is displayed instead. 

Remove footer from page capture view – To give even more screen real estate to reviewing page changes, the footer has been removed from the page capture view.


NEW! Show bounding boxes around changes in pages – Identifying changes on a page has never been easier (or more eye-catching). Now, individual bounding boxes highlight found changes in page captures. Soon, these elements will be interactive.

Show thumbnail for each project on project page – To make it easier to recognize a project, a page capture from them most-recent run-through will be shown on the projects view.

Improve Vue route processing – Recent changes to the Emtrey CLI make it even better at automatically discovering defined routes.

Show comment count – It is easier to see the total number of comments for a long thread on a page.


Better organize run-through overview – The overview page now groups all page captures by their respective page routes (e.g. /login). 

Add more documentation – We continue to add additional articles to our documentation, such as how to establish a base branch and configuring the command line tool. 

Change page-level navigation to show breadcrumbs – When viewing a page capture, it was easy to lose context within the project and/or run-through. The navigation within a page capture now shows Project > Run-Through > Page.

Fix a few smaller issues – In some instances, a user was not being redirected to sign in when logged out. 


NEW! Add support for Gatsby – In addition to the variety of supported frameworks, Emtrey now supports Gatsby-based applications.

NEW! Add user mentions in comments – When composing a new comment, you can now mention (e.g. @BillSmith) any user on an Emtrey project and they’ll be notified via email.

NEW! Add new run-through notifications – Now, when a new run-through is created or approved, all project users will receive a notification.

Improved comparison quality for page captures – This release also offers continued  improvements to the comparison engine in Emtrey. It now handles newly created or removed pages for all support frameworks.


NEW! Add Emtrey to your project’s CI/CD pipeline – Instead of running Emtrey locally each time, you can now run Emtrey in your CI/CD pipeline automatically, such as CircleCI or Jenkins.

NEW! Display new or deleted pages – Emtrey now displays newly added pages and recently removed pages in a run-through, separating them from changed and unchanged pages. Since these new pages do not have a previous version to compare to, there will be no differences shown. Similarly, for deleted pages, no differences are indicated even though there is a previous version.

Emtrey CLI runs faster with npx – The Emtrey CLI tool has a few dependencies that would download when running with npx. In this latest version of the Emtrey CLI, this is no longer needed.

More organized temporary files in projects – When the Emtrey CLI runs, it generates temporary data that is eventually sent to Emtrey for processing. The CLI now groups all of this data to a single folder, .emtrey, in the project root.


NEW! Commenting on Page Captures – When reviewing changes, you can now add comments to a particular page capture. Instead of rejecting a particular changes, comments can be used to clarify to other team members what needs to change.

Improved Support for React apps – The way the Emtrey CLI searches for defined routes has been improved in this release.