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Your Source Code and Security

How does Emtrey use your source code?

We understand you may have some security concerns about a third party reading privileged information regarding your source code and data. Emtrey will never transmit or store any of your source code or data.

Emtrey will transmit the result of rendering your application code in a browser, mostly as images of the rendered DOM, and some non-image data like style properties will be included. These style properties include: the color, background color, and width/height of certain elements. CSS source code is completely ignored.

What exactly does Emtrey access in your source code?

In order to execute our tests without any input from the user, Emtrey parses your project for a few key pieces of information:

  • What framework or library you are using: Do you have React installed or Vue?
  • Does your project use Typescript? We need this as a precursor for the next step.
  • What routes have you defined? This tells our automated process where to collect the screenshots on a running application.
  • Lastly, Emtrey has plans to inspect how your application is rendered inside of the framework itself. For instance, React Fiber will generate certain metadata about components and Emtrey may use this information to provide some really cool features.

Where  are the images stored?

The images are stored in a secure AWS S3 bucket with read access granted only to members of your team or organization.

Transparent security

Emtrey uses standard SSL (TLS) to transmit all of its data from your machine to our API.