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Setting Up An Emtrey Configuration File


Emtrey offers finer control over certain functionality such as: logging in, delaying screenshots, skipping routes, and more. In order to access this, Emtrey must read a configuration file in the root of your project’s directory.

To configure Emtrey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a new file in the root directory of your project named emtrey.config.js.
  2. Copy the following snippet and paste it into emtrey.config.js.
module.exports = {
  login: {},
  routes: {},

The content must be a standard JavaScript module that exports an object. The above snippet shows two major sections: login and routes:

  • The login property can allow Emtrey to sign into a secure part of your app. Learn more about authentication for protected routes.
  • routes property allows you to define routes that you want Emtrey to visit (or ignore) and much more.

Heads Up!

You’ll want to commit this file to your repository if you use version control.