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Reviewing Changes


At its core, Emtrey is a collaboration tool. After using the Emtrey CLI, a run-through for a project is created and made ready for review. In this doc, you will learn how to review and comment on changes and mark changes as approved and unapproved.

Review Run-Through

A run-through includes Changed, Approved and Unchanged page captures. As you approve changes they will be moved under the Approved lane. It is possible to approve all of the changes for a single run-through in a single click.

Emtrey Approval To mark all changed page captures as approved click the “Mark as approved” button at the top of the run-through page.
Emtrey Approved To reset all of the approved pages for a run-through, click the “Approved” button at the top of the run-though page.

Review Changed Page Captures

When reviewing a changed page capture take note that there is a menu on the right side where you can mark changes as approved, unapproved and comment on changes.

Emtrey approval menu

By adding an “@” symbol in a comment you are able to tag and notify a team member in a comment.


By default several breakpoints (e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile) are captured for each page. To quickly navigate between different breakpoints, use the left and right arrows in the nav bar (pictured below).