Create UI regression tests in under a minute.

Test your app with zero clicks or scripts.

Emtrey helps you ship high-quality web apps by:

  • Automatically generating pixel-by-pixel UI tests
  • Tracking changes to styles, including color, typography, and more
  • Integrating with your essential tools like GitHub, CircleCI, and others
  • Making it quick and easy to collaborate with your team
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Invite team members

Manage multiple projects

Customize project settings

Comments on regression results

Cross-platform support

Compare to any past run

Review mobile, tablet and desktop breakpoints

Emtrey Sample

Tests as simple as:

npx emtrey@latest ‐‐port=<YOUR_PORT>

Learn more about the command-line tool in our docs.

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Works with GitHub

With Emtrey, you can connect any GitHub repository and make visual testing a part of every pull request.

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